Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

First, I am so glad that social media was not everywhere when I was a teen because keeping up with the various themes for each day would have exhausted me and caused anxiety and made me uncool in an additional way.  While some do "throw back Thursday," I will simply be happy that I thought of a "th" word to go in the title of this already random post. Let's bullet shall we:

  • I forgot to add in our baby announcement post that my sister-in-law (Bubba's sister) is also pregnant!! She is due just a little before me, and excitement is an understatement for the word that describes my feelings about our bambino having a built in bestie to love/fight with/annoy/love!! This could easily hold off a sibling for a while. Plus, we just found out Reba's baby is a BOY!! Our first nephew!! 
  • We keep the nursery on Sunday. The 5 year olds. While explaining Easter, the death and resurrection of Christ, a child replied to me that Elvis died on the toilet. I am positive I will be asked back to teach as we covered the King of Kings and the King of Rock-n-Roll in the same lesson.
  • Easter is this weekend, and I am so excited to celebrate. Hopefully, with the ushering in of white purses/shoes/dresses, we can usher in a high of above 30. This week's weather has been stupid.
  • Last night, Gunnar was found head in a Rice Krispies box. Bubba came and told me and said "I guess we should throw it away since he was eating them." Is it bad I thought about just scooping out the top layer of Krispies and going about my cereal business the next morning?
  • I am DYING to know the sex of our baby... I have smocking to purchase and monogramming to do!
I think that about covers all the updates in my head. I cannot wait for Easter! Happy Day to all.

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