Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great weekend! Somehow this weekend managed to stretch and feel actually somewhat long, rather than fly by. I loved every second of it. Here are the highlights:

Friday we drove over to my parents to see my brother John.  This was a special treat (only don't tell him because his already massive head will only expand). I realized that I haven't seen just my brother (sans wife and now baby) in about 8 years. Made me definitely miss Emily and Miss Caroline. But, it was good to see my brother. Who we coincidentally matched while going out to eat.

Yes. 3 for 3 in Polo t-shirts. 2 of 3 same color.
Saturday morning we spent some more time with the family and had some fun. We all got new LSU shirts in preparation for the season. You know the usual. Oh and I stepped in an ant pile and got eaten alive.

Sick. I know.
Saturday night we came back and ate dinner with some friends which was a blast. On the way home, the weather started POURING. Like scary-can't-see-terrible weather. When we were almost home, we saw a tiny mustang hydroplane into a ditch! It was so scary. Bubba hopped out of the truck to make sure they were okay and offer an umbrella.  Then they decided to push the car out of the ditch. Bubba did some man-handling (with the help of a lady in a dress who got my respect), and the car made it out okay.  This was the end result:

He was so happy. Boys and Mud.
Sunday, we went to church and then our sweet niece went over to Whit's to get her hair done! She had a BLAST and was a perfect angel while getting fixed. She ended up looking absolutely gorgeous. This of course only highlights her very pretty insides. She started Kindergarten today, so this was a fun pre-school year treat.

This week is a short week due to Labor Day. I am praying that a certain pesky storm named Isaac turns out to be lame. Praying for everyone on the coast.

Water Shelves at the Kroger


Hurricane, Hurricane go AWAY! We've got things to do!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Big 0-6!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! Our niece is turning the big 6! She is one of my very favorite nieces... top 4 for sure ;). We are so proud of her and love her to pieces. Here are some things that we simply love about our girl:

She is a mini adult. Ever since I have known her she can carry on the best conversations with me. She takes things seriously, but can laugh so hard that it is infectious.

She has her uncle pretty whooped. He loves his girls something fierce.

She has just the right amount of swag. Sister can rock my heels better than I can and out accessorize a Kardashian. Yet she is a lady at all times.

She is happy and fun. And we ALWAYS have fun with her.

She is the best niece, and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Girl!!! 6 is gonna be a great year for sure.  We just know it.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 Months

It's been three months since we got married. I count that as a big milestone because it is a fourth of a year. Time really has flown by, and I cannot believe its been 3 months.

It's been a pretty great summer, and I am ready for this Fall. Small group with church, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving... Good times are ahead. I know in no time it will be our 1st, 15th, and 50th anniversaries. And I am certainly looking forward to each milestone and moment in between.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Last night, I made a dessert to take to a friend. I have been seeing this "Ice Cream Sandwich Cake" all over Pinterest and even at different events. It seemed like the perfect dessert for the blazing weather, and due to its need to freeze, it lends itself to being made ahead of time. Here is the inspiration recipe I found. I stuck to it fairly well. I changed up the toppings a bit, but the fun thing is you could really do anything. 

Layer the Ice Cream Sandwiches (5 1/2)

Next, spread hot fudge

Layer of Cool Whip

Rinse and Repeat

Hot Fudge

Cool Whip and Chocolate Syrup
Caramel Sauce for the Win!
This dessert was incredibly easy and took about 15-20 minutes to assemble, and the bulk of that time was simply unwrapping the sandwiches!

Here is the recipe:

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

11 Ice Cream Sandwiches in any flavor
1 Jar Hot Fudge (I used Hershey's)
1 Tub (pretty sure that is the technical name) Cool Whip. Just the regular size.
Toppings of your choice. I used Chocolate Syrup and Caramel. I feel any candy, sprinkles, or cookie would be quite delightful.

Assemble and freeze. :)

I look forward to this dessert being a summer staple.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*Almost* Wordless Wednesday

Pictures make me smile. And everyone and thing in these I love :)


Funnest nieces ever. That's right "funnest."

aside from being possessed... so sweet.

At KINDERGARTEN meet the teach...

It's almost the weekend guys! Hope its been a blessed week. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


"Energy and time are precious, limited entities. Therefore, you need to use them wisely, focusing on what is truly important. As you walk close to Me, saturating your mind with Scripture, I will show you how to spend your time and energy. My Word is a lamp to your feet; My Presence is a Light for your path."

-Excerpt of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I read this, and it seemed to smoke me in the face. Yes, this is deep and theological and I used the word smoke. I seem to always try and cram as many moments into a day as I can. I am ashamed to admit how often I push the Lord to the back burner. I'm too quick to put my own thoughts on how to spend my time and energy in action, rather than focusing on how the Lord has called me to use those precious gifts.

At the risk of sounding 75, the days really do seem to fly by, and I am already amazed at the point in life which I am. The thought of intentional living has been on my mind frequently over the past few months. Reading the phrase today that "time and energy are precious, limited entities" put in to words so eloquently the quiet feelings of my heart.

My prayer is that I will search deeply and focus my time and energy in areas where the Lord has shown me. I am over being busy for the sake of busy-ness. I choose not to live in a way that would cause me to look back and regret loving shallowly, connecting with people in a tired and stretched too thin way, and not enjoying all the blessings the Lord daily gives.

I pray Scripture guides how I spend my limited time and energy. This truly seems like a crazy thought in a Pinterest world where image seems to dictate the use of time and tends to make everyone perceive that your time should be spent making a homemade artistic masterpiece while baking gluten free bread from scratch wearing your knitted scarf. I just don't want to waste the time the Lord blesses me with each and everyday. And so often I do.

Here's to loving others today. Cherishing relationships. Glorifying our Savior.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid-Week Randoms

Well, it is Wednesday, and I am filled with some random thoughts. I am super excited for the upcoming weekend. But this week has been pretty fun and needs to be documented.

  • Caroline's 6 month picture. Holy Moly Cuteness. I cannot believe she is already 6 months old...

  • We have made some good additions to the house this week. First up, new cushions for the kitchen stools. I love the colors and the fact that it ties in nicely to the red couch that is just off the kitchen.

  • We are still loving the Olympics, and Gert is so ready for the Puppy Olympics in 2016

  • We had a super yummy and easy dinner that involved some fajita steak, onions, black beans, corn, and rotel tomatoes. Throw it together and you get fajita nachos.

  • Lastly, our new mirror to go above the mantel. I love it. I also have been enjoying the gradual progression of our house decorating. It will be so fun to look back and see how far we have come.

That about sums up my random thoughts. At least we are almost to the weekend (well 1/2 way). Because on Monday, I felt like this...

Happy Back to School Everyone! You and me both wish it was still summer!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Somehow, this weekend turned out to be somewhat busy and we were on the go, but it was filled with great visits with friends and family so all in all it was better than we could have asked. I am going to cheat and include Thursday night because my parents came over to eat dinner and hang out with us. It was so much fun and we ate way too much at the Strawberry Cafe. We watched some of the Olympics and just had a grand time.

Friday night brought a Girls' Night for me and I am confident it brought video game playing for Bubba. It was so much fun to sit and catch up with all the girls. I met Susan, Whit, Sara, Lester, and A Fri at Chili's (which is a random place for us to eat but I was so excited to eat my meal of potato skins. Healthy much?). We just sat and talked for a ridiculously long time, and then we had to move the party to its second location Corner Bakery for some sweet treats. We shut that place down.  After an almost 4 hour dinner, we figured we had accomplished what we needed to.

Saturday was filled with fun! We started off with a baby shower for our friends LeeAnn and Garett.  We cannot wait until sweet Gracen makes her debut in a few weeks. Then we met up with some of Bubba's friends that were in from out of town and had a good catch-up. That night we went over to Joshua's apartment to help him get settled in a bit before he starts law school this week. (Thinking back about that time in my life made me SO glad I am on the finished side of law school and the bar.) We went out and ate and just had a really great time.

We celebrated Sunday in typical fashion. Church. Followed by lunch with family. We ate with Rebecca, Will and the Girls at the Fish House and it was fab. It really is so much fun to live in the same town as family. This is new for me and I really really love it. I only wish that John and Emily and baby C could ever move this way. We went on Sunday night to church for Small Group Kick-Off. It was so much fun and we are really looking forward to being in a small group.  We ended the night with about a 2 mile walk. I am sore still which is humiliating. Poor Gertie was exhausted after. Here is the proof:

This weekend was busy and fun and still had the feel of summer about it. I know that fall is creeping around the corner, and I honestly cannot wait.

Here's to a great week!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Pictures!

We got our wedding picture cd in the mail, and I cannot wait to share our favorites! Robby Followell took our pictures, and I will declare for all of time he is the best photographer ever. We love him and his heart. He made us look way better than we really do in real life. I love that our pictures capture our joy and the fun of the day. I am going to try and narrow down my favorites, but it is really hard. I love them all and most importantly the people in them. Thank you Robby!! And if you are getting married, pick him. I treasure these pictures and have looked at them tri-daily.

We had a blast and this was absolutely the most fun day ever. S'more smashing and all!