Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Since my brain has turned to mush, I figured this would be a fun way to update on life!


I cannot believe that I am about to be 31 weeks pregnant. That seems like such a high number of weeks. I guess because I vividly remember being nine weeks pregnant and have 31 to go. Crazy. This maybe will inspire me to start some sort of "nesting" that I hear people talk about. I hope this makes you magically an organizer, because I am just not.

10 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks. Woah.


This is related to number one, but I had a grand plan to clean out the junk in our house before Beau arrives. How is it possible to accumulate so much random junk in such a short period of time, and store it in such strange places? I need a life coach.


I just got a text from my best friend asking for an impromptu lunch date. I cannot describe how happy this makes me. Friday, you are good to me! I mean a Friday is always great, but a lunch date on Friday is like a tiny bit of weekend fun preview. Also, referring to the 31 weeks pregnant... I love lunch :).

Susie. I can't wait.


I think I am losing my mind. Yesterday, I ran some errands at lunch and came back out to my car... Only to realize that I HAD LEFT THE DOOR WIDE OPEN.  I checked for a killer or thief and none were present. So, that is good. Also, if we could keep this one a secret that would be great.  Bubba may start requiring I wear a leash as to not get lost in public. 


It has officially started. I have the itch for Fall. I woke up this morning and it was actually cool. Which for July in Mississippi is a miracle of epic proportion. But, it made my mind wonder to all of the fun things that are coming up. And well, I also really want a new pair of boots. I got to thinking about football, which lead to me picturing Beau in all sorts of LSU paraphernalia. Which means we will have a BABY!! Then its the fair, halloween, cool weather, scarves, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all sorts of family together time and friend fun. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And fall may be on the way. Give or take a few months :).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life Lately

Oh my goodness where is time going?? This summer is FLYING by which is both totally exciting and totally terrifying as we are 10 weeks away from baby Beau. Woah. We have been in and out of town the last few weeks. Celebrated the 4th of July (but failed to take pictures). And have been just getting ready for baby.  Bubba is one week away from his big test for the CFP, and I think we both can't wait until that is behind us. There has been a whole lot of studying going on and I for one am thankful its not me studying. Unless you count watching Psych on Netflix then I have been studying hard.

Some pictures from the last few weeks. First up: Our trip to Bubba's parent's house. We had a blast swimming and eating and hanging out with the family. Our youngest niece loves her Bubba. In fact, I saw her yesterday, and as soon as she saw me she said, "Bubba???" And I told her he was at work.  She then looked disappointed and asked, "Gunnar??" Well, I didn't have the dog either... Fail.

Pure Love

Trudy loves to go swimming.  She chilled on this raft and loved ever second of it!.

Next, Emily came in town and we got to have a fun Girl's Night dinner. Much needed visit time!

Sara, Em, Susan

This picture took an insane amount of takes. Me, Les, Whit.

Friends since 1st grade. Friends for life.

On to Baby Beau update! We have very slowly begun working on Beau's nursery! We got in the furniture, and haven't put the crib together yet, but have the dresser and chair in the room. So, here we are at like 10% progress haha.

Dresser/Changing table

Incredibly comfy chair!

Sweet baby clothes!
Gunnar and Gertie love my big belly and their little brother already.  Look at this sweet puppy.  She constantly rests her head on my belly and gives a funny look when she gets kicked.

Lastly, and most fun! Is Beau in 4D. Looking just like his Daddy. Also, for my remembering some stats. I was 28 weeks 4 days. Beau was in the 90+ percentile and weighed 3lbs 9oz at the time.  He is a big baby. Love the cheeks. It was so crazy to see him in 4D and it look so real. It was voodoo.

Sweet nose and lips.
Baby foot

Beau on top and his cousin on bottom.  Looking just alike haha
Well, those are all the big updates and what is going on. We are enjoying summer and having fun! Hope y'all are too.