Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas past, present, and future. Today is technically my first real live action Mother's Day. Last Mother's Day, I was in this condition. 

So. Huge. Well, this Mother's Day we won't comment on the *still huge* status. But I do have some other thoughts. Mother's Day is a day when we all are thankful for our mothers. And let me say I feel thankful for both my mother and my mother in law. Probably more on this Mother's Day than any other. As I have started to get just how hard it is to raise a little one. 

In my head and on Pinterest, this is how I believed motherhood would look like: 

Reality hit this morning as I tried to capture our first Mother's Day in photo form: 

And our best: 

Beau with his eyes closed. Faking it till we make it. Picking the picture I look best in, just doing my part to insure future therapy over terrible childhood photos. 

Next, we made it to church. Only to have a blowout in our church clothes and then proceed to get the contents EVERYWHERE, including the wall of the house of The Lord. I know those nursery workers are praying hard for us now. 

But inspite of all of those things, bad pictures and lots of poo, I am so happy and thankful to be Beau's mama. Maybe more so because of all these things. I am so thankful he is mine for this little bit. I am so thankful that I am the one that gets to embarrass him with terrible pictures. 

So happy Mother's Day to all of the moms with real pictures and doo doo on the church walls. I am with you! 




  1. Oh, girl. I remember when I first found out you were expecting and I said something along the lines of "It's THE BEST THING EVER...and I say this as I'm up to my elbows in toddler boy poop" (except I'm pretty sure I used an expletive, but Imma keep your blog clean). Anyway, that said kid still doesn't do it in the toilet, but yes! yes! yes! on everything you said. Also, you look super cute and so NOT huge. Maybe they'll look at the camera when they're twelve? Nah, they'll be too cool for it by then.

    1. SD, I totally remember that comment. It made me laugh so hard in the hospital. And I have to say that I laughed just as hard at church yesterday. Hope you had a great Mother's Day in NYC!! What a memorable one!