Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, Hey There!

Summer came. And it went. And I didn't post one thing in this little space. Hopefully, my memories will serve me well in my old age when dementia has set in and I cannot remember what we did last Thursday, much less in the Summer of 2014. Who am I kidding? I already am like that. Regardless, I do want to start back up writing our stories, if for no one else than me and the Nanas. Because no matter how mundane, I am told these are the best days of our lives. And you won't find me arguing.

I won't try and reverse and catch up on 3 months of activities, because DAUNTING. But, I will shortly recap the adventures of Summer O' 2014. GREAT. Every last thing we did and every last day was great. Sure, there was hand, foot, and mouth disease and fussing here and there, but I would not change a moment... Except for HFMD for 9 million days.

Now, let us start in present day. Here is our family as we look now. Or as we looked on 9/6/14. 

We have a one year old. Woah! Beau is so fun this days and into everything. Likes: eating, pounding on things, the dogs, crawling, cruising, outside, food, his daddy, his mama, and bath time.
Dislikes: getting his diaper changed and generally anything that makes him slow down. Also, shoes.

He is roughly half my size. Small babe, he is not.

Other than hanging out as a family we have been doing what we do best. Having fun, cleaning house not nearly as often as we should, playing outside, and eating good food.  I guess I was inspired to come back and begin telling our stories because its a new school year, and I believe I will always be a slave to the August to May year.  So, my August resolution is to write more. Be it about Beau. Let's be real, he will frequently be a topic. Or random happenings in my days. Let's be real, again, those moments are always plentiful.  I just want to write them down.  So, when I am old and grey--or oldER and greyER--I can look back and see what a perfectly, wonderful, ordinary, but great days we had.

So, hello again. I promise to myself to be back soon. Thanks to my reader (singular). Love you, Mama. 

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