Friday, September 26, 2014

Five on Friday


Yesterday, Beau man went for his very first haircut. It was time. I cut his hair myself once because a young man can only live with a rat tail so long before people begin to assume that it is by choice and not nature. However, he was due for the real deal. The whole shabang. The sweet girl made him look so sweet and little boy. I died when she took out the neck and ear clippers, which led to Beau laughing at the tickles.  Only mine and Bubba's hairy genes would lead to a one-year-old with side burns.


I am so excited for this weekend that I can barely make it through today. I finally get to meet my best friend since the age of 6 little girl! I cannot wait to hold AC. And, it will be so fun to hang out with Emily! It is sorta ironic and yet totally fitting that we are missing our high school reunion to reunite instead with just each other. In the words of Gretchen Weiners, "you can't sit with us!"


Last night, I engaged in what can only be described as total couch potato behavior. I do not apologize. Scandal was back. And I like all of America want to be Olivia Pope. However, in reality, her life would totally stress me out. I am probably the least Olivia Popey person there is. Things are very rarely handled. And I wear far less awesome clothes. So, really I like her in theory. I also tried to watch How to Get Away with Murder (which, longest title ever, what will it be shortened to, Murder? weird.) I liked the characters, but couldn't watch due to flashbacks of law school and it made my stomach hurt, and that just isn't entertainment. Maybe I will try again and repeat THIS IS NOT REAL. Get a grip.


Beau is ready to cheer on the Tigers. He may even get to meet Mike. Raising him up in the way he should go.


It is still very surreal that Beau is one and basically a full blown human now. Sometimes, I try really hard to remember what we did on weeknights without him. I can only come up with sleep excessively, eat leisurely, and drink, which this leads to my next thought of how on earth was I skinnier then. Yet, even though I truly cannot for the life of my remember what I did before him, I cannot believe he is already one. That seems so old. I can only imagine what my thoughts will be like when he is 5, 10, 15, 27, 42... Babies don't keep. I recently downloaded the Timehop app and had so much fun. In the same day I will see a precious newborn Beau picture, my nieces as nuggets, and then me in an Afro being Scary Spice in college. And that is probably a pretty great picture of my life. Time sure moves fast. I hope my wrinkles slow down. At lunch, I am getting a fine line assessment from Erin.

Happy Friday!!

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