Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beach Bum Baby

According to the calendar, September 23rd is officially the beginning of Fall. Although in the Sip, we can catch Fall at the end of November for about a day. As an end of Summer tribute, I thought a look back at our two beach trips this Summer was in order.

May 2014:

September 2014:

We were lucky enough to bookend our Summer with family beach trips! May with Bubba's family and September with mine. Both of these trips were precious gifts. We got to relax and rest and play and make memories with the people that matter the very most to us. We also got to eat copious amounts of seafood and that by itself is such a treat. It was crazy to me to see how much Beau grew this Summer. In May, he was a baby. He kinda crawled sometimes, but mostly sat and took it all in.  In September, he was a wild man toddler that we couldn't stop even if we wanted too. Beau loves the beach, just like me. But he is oh so fair, just like his daddy. God bless tents and sunscreen and swim shirts... I sure hope the swim shirt looks as cute on when he is 13. Haha.

Hanging with Papa and Caroline. Watching the waves.

Beau is so lucky to have four grandparents that love and spoil him. I hate that I did not get pictures with Bubba's parents. We did take professional pictures, and they are fabulous. I will have to do a post of them on their own. Not only does he have the best grandparents, but the best cousins! He loves to chase and play with all of them... even when the admiration is one sided.

If I could choose one picture to sum up our family of three, it would be the one above. I love the fun we have together. I also love America.

Speaking of America, one of the best moments of our September trip was watching the Miss America pageant.  I am probably the least "pageant" girl that there ever was, but my love of the Miss Louisiana, Miss Mississippi, and Miss America pageants runs deep. During the pageant, I watched virtually with Emily, Susan, Whitney, and Lesley. It's kinda amazing what technology can do. I laughed hysterically during the greater talents like ventriloquism and sitting criss-cross applesauce playing a solo cup. Bring back the gold standard of flaming baton twirling.

The best part of a beach trip is that the activities are minimal. I mean to recap each day would be summed up by: woke, ate, sat on the beach, ate, sat on the beach, ate, and slept. Which mind you is perfection. Although our activities were minimal, I am forever grateful of the memories made, like walking with Adickes to get ice cream, seeing the boys play in a puddle, hearing Caroline sing happy birthday to cousin baby beau, or watching/laughing at Beau faceplant in the sand. So, as Summer ends, I salute the warm sun, white sand, and beautiful water. 

Can't wait to be there again in 2015.

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