Friday, April 12, 2013

An Update of Sorts

Over the past few weeks, we have gotten to spend some very fun time with a lot of our favorite people. Last weekend especially crammed a lot of great friends and family into 3 days. I certainly was happy about that! Friday night we ate pizza with friends and laughed and laughed. It was a fun night. One of the topics that was so hilarious was Susan's near death car incident. She really did have a bad go and hydro plane, but listening to her relay how she got back on the road was about the best thing I have ever heard. It is times like this that make me so glad to have friends that require no fancy plans simply pizza and each other. And maybe a story about near death and the Jeep making it to ride another day.

You can't get better than this one for a friend
Before everyone came over, I did get to have a great date with this little fella! So fun. So happy. Walker is my buddy.

Saturday, we celebrated Elliott's 2nd Birthday! She is SUCH a fun little girl. I think spitfire is a good description. She may be tiny, but the girl has a personality that is 100x bigger than she is ever going to be. We had a blast eating cake and playing. The weather was perfect! We love you Cake! Somehow, I didn't manage to take a picture of the birthday girl because I was having too much fun. These are two of my favorites though.

In her Bubba's hat.

Relaxing in a cabinet.

Sunday, we went over to Monroe to see my family and my aunt who was in town. We always have a blast there! It was great seeing everyone, eating crawfish, and sitting in the yard. All of my favorite activities. I could be a professional visitor and eater. That is a bad combo.

This is a terrible picture of me but I don't get to see Abby enough to be picky.

Can't beat a sunset at my parent's house.

Lastly, Baby and I are doing well. We go again on Monday to check on things. Pregnancy is so weird because you can control so very little of it. I guess it prepares you for being a parent of a child that thinks and acts for itself. For record keeping purposes ONLY... here is a bump shot at 15 weeks. Lord. I am gonna be a big lady. But, I suppose it is all worth it. Let's just pray I don't have a 15 pounder like that lady in England.

Can't wait for this weekend! Hope its a great one for you!

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