Friday, June 7, 2013

A night that may never be topped

Tonight was just such a fun memory. I think that it's very important to note that I am writing a summation of this epic night at 8:50 pm. Meemaw status secured.

My most favorite blogger ever, BooMama, just released her first book "A little Salty to cut the Sweet." When I tell you it's fantastic that is no lie. And I would know as I have read 10 whole books in my lifetime. But let me tell you it's truly great. If you have family, you can relate. But if you have a Southern family, you not only can relate but you will think to yourself oh thank goodness my family is normal. She has a delightful way of finding the Holy in the everyday. The blessings in the people around you.

Well, being from Mississippi, she did a book signing in Jackson and we went! Y'all. It was just delightful. Between my nervous talking and Whitney's high adrenaline, hot flashes, I am quite positive we were one crazy sentence away from security being called and a short trip for an evaluation at the mental institute. I totally kid. BooMama or Sophie Hudson her real name was absolutely delightful and I hope everyone I know reads her stories because I promise you your heart will be blessed. In fact, you can order it here. And you should.

After we thoroughly met and got books signed, it was time for the early bird special at Bravo because we are high rollers like that. We sat and talked and chatted and greatly enjoyed the company. Lifelong friends just can't be beat. They are the cheapest form of therapy there is. We had a ball and laughed till it hurt.

I think it's appropriate to end this post with my favorite quote from the book because it says so beautiful how I feel about a good fellowship with friends, family, friends who are family, and food.

"For the first half of my life, probably, I thought that the whole point of the table was the food....But now that I am older, I know better. And it's comforting, somehow, to recognize that while the food may be what brings us to the table, it's not the main course by a long shot. More than anything, I think, the food is an invitation to see what the Lord is doing, 'to taste and see that the Lord is good' (Psalm 34:8). Because when people gather round the table to break bread, the Lord gets to work. He knits together our hearts, strengthens our bonds, and connects our narratives. The table is where He links the generations, where he prompts us to join hands and now heads and remember and laugh and pass our stories back and forth to each other." A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson.

I sure did appreciate the table tonight. And while the food was great, the company was better. The Lord used a couple hours with best friends to strengthen the heart and soul. And that my friends can't be beat. So thank you Sophie for reminding us of just that little nugget of truth!

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