Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Yesterday was Father's Day, and this weekend I got to see 2/3 of the best dad's there have ever been.

 My Daddy:

This guy is just the best ever. I am a daddy's girl through and through and was so happy that I got to see him Friday night, even if it was just for a quick dinner. I had had a pretty rough day at work on Friday, and my dad rolled through town and took me out to eat. You know that you have a good daddy when on a weekend to celebrate him, he takes YOU out to dinner. Love you Pops. PS your present is in the "mail."

My Father-in-Law:

This is quite possibly my most favorite wedding picture
This man will make you laugh till it hurts and is always prepared for anything. He is such a great man, and I am so blessed to have married in to this family. I know Bubba will be a great dad in large part to the example that his dad has set for him. Love you Mr. Andy!

My Baby Daddy:

Oh Bubba, it is crazy that this was your first Father's Day. It will be so fun to celebrate next year with Beau. I cannot wait to see you be a dad. If its anything like your relationship with Gunnar, I think we will be just fine! Love you. 

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