Thursday, June 6, 2013


I hope with all my person that anyone reading this read the title in the tune of the Grease song. Specifically, the magical ending of the song. Because that will make me happy. (I'm looking to you Mama).

Being a grown-up without an official "Summer" is truly the pits. I guess I keep thinking it will be easier to not have one, but who am I kidding. When it is roughly the temperature of the surface of the sun combined with a humidity so dense that the air is essentially a liquid, it is hard to stay motivated in the day to day grind. But such is my cross to bear (a similar cross to millions of people but please go with the drama! feelings! angst!)

Last night, however, it felt like the good ole times and truly like summer. Rebecca, Will, and the girls came over to swim. We braved swimming in possible thunderstorms, but the lightening looked off in the distance so risks were taken. Then we ate my favorite meal on earth: hot dogs, mac and cheese, beans, and corn. I swear should I ever have a "last meal" it will be hot dogs and mac and cheese. Please no fancy mac and cheese. I prefer velveeta from a box. No need to mess with perfection.

Then, we sat out in the drive way and chatted and laughed and played for hours. The weather was magnificent after the rain and rather being a steamy hot mess, the Lord gave us a cool night with no humidity. And if you don't consider that a true miracle, then you have never yet been to Mississippi in June. It was delightful. My most favorite activity is the inactivity of "porch sitting" when you talk and drink lemonade and visit with neighbors. Basically, I want to live in Mayberry. Is that so wrong? 

It gave me the Summer activity that I needed to feel the rest and slow pace that the season offers. Summer makes the hours and minutes seem longer as the light stretches deeper in the night, but rather than being monotonous, its magical. Even though it has lost some of its magic, as I don't get the season off to play, nights like last night will always remind me of why I love Summer.

Summer is for friends, family, food, fun, and sweating to death with those you love. And you just can't beat that.

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