Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

After we wrapped up at the beach, we headed home for some Memorial Day festivities. Waiting on us at home were three MORE of my favorite people. My brother, Emily, and Baby Caroline! It was like I got to hit the family favorites jackpot! We hung out Saturday and ate some YUMMY Mexican food, which makes sense on an American holiday weekend. 

I wish I could see this sweet face every day. Love my C.
Sunday, we hung out in the morning and went to Strawberry Patch Park to play a little before our cook out that afternoon. C loved the walking trail and the bell. We saw a cute, yet mean, family of geese. But, in their defense, it was a Mama and Daddy protecting their babies. Which were adorable.

I mean. NO. WORDS. So precious.
Our parents were on the way home from ATL so they got to swing by too on Sunday. We grilled out and watched LSU beat Vandy to be SEC Baseball Champs.  GEAUX TIGERS!!! After we all ate, and I finished off almost a whole watermelon... Em and the Parents and C headed to Monroe.  John stayed the night Sunday night and we watched a patriotic movie... Star Trek Into Darkness. HA. It was good and scared me. But, we had a blast.

If only these two would move closer!!! It really was so great to see them and spend some quality time. Unfortunately, something that happens not often enough. We love our family, and we are so blessed to also be genuinely friends with them.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

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