Friday, May 3, 2013

Because I believe in Birth(weeks)

This is officially Bubba's Birth Week!! Yay! Last night, I begged him to let me treat him to dinner on our joint money. Let's just all say that a huge let down of adult life is that presents are only so fun when technically you are buying them for yourself. HA! Anyway, he has been working INCREDIBLY hard over the past few weeks on finishing up his CFP education requirement stuff, and a fun night was definitely a necessity. (He will kill me for even mentioning the previous sentence, but my blog, sorry bud.) 

We headed to a new restaurant to us called Islanders. It was deliciously yummy, and I highly recommend it! Bubba got to eat the ocean which is his favorite meal. I got shrimp and key lime pie. Totally a winning meal. I can honestly say that a relaxing dinner was what both of us needed. Hopefully, Bubba will allow a few more celebrations this weekend, but he won't make any promises!

Happy Birthday Dinner!! Love you Bub.

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