Thursday, May 30, 2013

Santa Rosa Beach 2013: My favorite place on Earth

Last week, we had the best week ever. You may have thought you were having the best week ever, but sorry, I win. We went to Santa Rosa Beach with Bubba's parents, sister and her whole family, and his brother. It was such a perfect week! The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious (minus a small fight with food poisoning that I will declare Mr. Andy the victor of), and the company the very best. 

We played in the sand, went on walks, floated in the water which was a tiny two year old's favorite activity (MORE WATER!!!), shopped, ate way to much, talked, and laughed. I am telling you it was the best. We had some activity days where the boys played on paddle boards and kayaks. And Rebecca and I worked on our pregnant lopsided tans. Best. Week. Ever.

Last year (May 2012)
This year (May 2013)
I cannot wait until next year when the beach will be filled with two more little babies! Crazy life. Fun life.

Now, on to all the pictures! Just pure beauty. I, of course, am referring to myself :)

Perfect Creation.

These girls LOVE their daddy!

The guys (and girls) caught about 2 pounds of these HUGE crabs.

She doesn't get much cuter than this.

Wait. She just did.

My favorite at dinner.

Best nieces in the whole world. We giggled and giggled about this chair.

Speaking of nieces, they saw this night gown and thought of me. Glitter Disney 2012. I LOVE IT!!!
And I turned 22 weeks there. Hello Belly. Ignore the crazy face. Or don't. Whatever.
The week couldn't have been better! Thank you Mr. Andy and Mrs. Sue for the best week or relaxation and fun. Our family is the best :)

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