Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello World. We're Back.

So, it is an understatement to say that I have missed a few days (weeks, months) of documenting our lives, but we have a REALLY good excuse! Meet Beau.

Beau came on September 9, 2013 at 3:27 am. His story entering the world is a good one. We woke up the morning of September 8th ready for church. I was an overachiever and even put a chicken in the crockpot because who doesn't want a roasted chicken after worshipping the Lord. I'm gonna tell who does want one and that is Bubba, so much so that he didn't eat breakfast in order to fast for the chicken. (this is important). Well, we went to church and kept the nursery the second service.

Everything was all well and good until I was asked by a precious girl to take her to the restroom. Well, I stood up and then my water broke. Not like in the movies, so I was a little confused. Disclaimer, we failed to take the recommended childbirth classes so for all I know this partial water break could have been addressed, I was just foggy on the whole thing.

Church had 5 minutes left, so I decided to not make a fuss. After we left, I explained to Bubba that we may need to swing by the hospital to see if my water broke, but could we stop at Sonic first I would really enjoy a diet coke.

Picture break.

I mean melt your heart
Turns out my water did break so we were having a baby. Fast forward until the next morning (skipping things like labor. I will save that for a guilt trip for Beau when he is being mean to his mama) and Beau entered the world. We were tired and hungry and crazy but so much in love. But we still didn't get to eat our chicken and Bubba sure was sad he fasted!

The next few days were a crazy blur of getting to meet tons of friends and family that love us and Beau so much. It was such a visit fest and I loved it! 
Just chillin' with my Best Friend Cousin William. He beat me into the world by 6 days

Meeting Cousin Caroline
Even though Beau came 3 weeks early, and his parents didn't have their bags packed, car seat installed, house clean, or really anything else the books tell you will happen, we sure are so glad Beau decided to show up when he did. Because what is life without a little bit of adventure and surprise. 

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