Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beau is 5 months old!

I cannot believe my little baby is 5 months old! This is the last month that he will be closer to the day he was born than to one year old! That is crazy to me. He is getting HUGE. So, I figured I should record some stats here so one day I can fill his baby book. If I take after my mother, his baby book will be my project when I am retired and have grandchildren of my own! 

Beau looks like such a big boy these days, and he is SUPER long. I tried to measure the other day, but got all confused. We weighed him at my parents house, and he was almost 17 pounds. I realize now that these are TERRIBLE stats and will help me in no way with the baby book. Ha.

This is a video of him playing the way he does everyday.  He LOVES his playmat and loves whacking things with his Sophie. I always want to remember him at this stage. Fun, but immobile. I feel it is the sweet spot in babyhood.

Happy 5 months little boy! Cannot believe your 1/2 birthday is next month!!

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