Friday, February 7, 2014

Hello February!

I cannot believe that it is already February! This month will sure be filled with fun. Family birthdays, Mardi Gras, and lots of just "regular" days, but hey, those are fun too!  We already have had some fun this month! We started with a trip to Monroe to visit my daddy for his birthday. Monroe always involves fun and seriously delicious food.

Happy Birthday Papa!! Beau's look says wow, you are OLD. :)

Just a little taste of heaven on earth.

National Signing Day! LSU got a great recruiting class, but Beau is gearing up for NSD 2032.

Beau had a little cold this week, which led to ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTION. Seriously, these were 30 seconds apart. Can we say unstable!

All better today playing with Nana!

Hopefully this weekend brings a lot of rest and some WARM weather! It has been so cold this week! I live in the South for many reasons, but one is an expectation of warm, pleasant weather. 
Get it together Mother Nature!

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