Monday, December 3, 2012

Do you see what I see?

Christmas is officially here. Our cheer has arrived, and I love it. I figure that since this is my first big girl married Christmas I should document how the house looks. I really do love Christmastime so much and love all the fun and sentiment that comes along with it. Celebrating our Savior's birth is both so humbling and so joyous. This whole season truly sparks something inside me (and hopefully all of us) that makes my heart simply glad.

I also realize at Christmas that since I am not naturally sentimental I have to work really hard on remembering to make things tradition. Then I realize that's sad. I wish I had a heart. Maybe I will be like the Grinch and my heart will grow three sizes. Traditions will be made!

Now, a commentary on the decor. I unfortunately take after my Daddy and love all things bright and gaudy at Christmas. I couldn't simply inherit my mother's love of white lights and silver and gold. No. Give me color or give me death. Preferably Griswald status.

Enough talk. Let's have some pictures.

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