Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up---Bubba Goes Hunting Edition

This past week/weekend Bubba hit the road to Kansas for a little Father/Son bonding trip to pheasant hunt in Kansas. He went with his dad and two of his dad's friends and their sons. They killed a million birds (or a little over a 100) and had a blast. So I am told. Bubba told me that this is one of his favorite things he has ever done. I am so happy he got to have a mini-vacation to do manly hunting things. 

The hunting crew.

While Bubba was hunting, the dogs and I had a very low-key weekend. My mom came over on Friday night and we did some Christmas shopping. I am almost done! This is a huge, huge improvement considering last year I began shopping on the 22nd and the year before on the 24th. I don't know. It's like Christmas sneaks up on me and I never know when it is....even though it comes on the 25th every year. I'm a smart one. 

Saturday morning I met Rebecca and the Girls to see Santa and eat breakfast. It was so fun! The Girls looked adorable and aside from Little Bit discovering that Santa is TERRIFYING everyone had a great time!

Just a little donut love on her face. Saving it for later.

Recovering from Santa
My mom and I shopped the rest of the day, and then I wrapped all our presents.  Saturday night I went back over to Rebecca's for dinner.  We ate Mexican and had the best time visiting. I am so happy/blessed to have fun family live about 5 minutes away.

Sunday, we spent time gearing up for this week of fun! There are many great Christmas parties and fun things coming up.  I love this most wonderful time of the year!!

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