Monday, January 27, 2014

On the mend!

January 19-26

We are all finally feeling better this week! Beau went back to school. Bubba and I went back to work. Ready to be 100%! This week in January holds four! very important birthdays! And we sure had fun celebrating! Even if we didn't get to see John and Caroline. Next year for sure! 

This fine young man is now 30!!! Goodness gracious we are getting old. Happy birthday Brother!!

Lots of sleep as we all recovered!

Word on the street must be that we are a friendly home to strays. These two spent some time on our porch before we found their owners.

Happy 5th Birthday Lei-Lei!! She is so big now. And sweet. And kind. And funny!!

Hanging out in his high chair!! Such a big boy.

Best lunch date there is. We got to leave work and school early! Had a date and a great time! Love my little buddy.

Happy Birthday to my niece Caroline! The best present she got is a baby SISTER!!! I cannot wait to be an Aunt to that sweet little girl. I am a great aunt to little girls. I have about 6 references if she needs them.

We are ready for a normal week. But, with this bunch our lives are rarely normal!

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