Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sickness is for the birds!

January 7-18

Well, these past few weeks have been full of the sickness. Food poisoning for the adults and RSV for the baby. Hopefully we are on the way to recover! Even though we have had a rough couple of weeks, we have managed to have lots of fun family togetherness. Someone somewhere said "the family that pukes together stays together." Or maybe that was me now. 

Here are some scenes from our days. 

Disgusting, yet adorable

4 month shots! He was quite skeptical that this would end well for him.

Rice cereal for the first time! Semi-success.

Zen baby. Loves his bath!

Wrangling this wild chick during a movie. Love our nieces!

Pitiful. First breathing treatment.

Super Daddy taking care of sweet boy.

Trooper keeps smiling.

Starting to play again. Makes mama happy.

Hopefully, this week has more sleep, less coughing, more smiling, and less vomit.  The world would be a better place for everyone then!

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