Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

Here in the Deep South, we get snow *maybe* once a year. So, as a person who has only seen snow about 15 times, and let's be honest most of those times it was sleet, I still get VERY excited when the white stuff floats down. We didn't get much at our house this time, but it was still enough to just tickle me. 

It turns out Beau shares my excitement for the powdery delight! We went outside for 1 minute to take our obligatory southern kid dressed in mismatched "snow gear" picture. Looking like a happy hobo! 

It was a fun day that we got to spend together in the warm! And who knows we may just have another day tomorrow...

Happy winter! Glad that our snow day was fun and not nearly as serious as other places. I'll take my tablespoon of snow! :)

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