Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am from a small state known as Mississippi. With only six electoral votes, it is hard to see the importance of my one vote. This is not an indictment against you as the other candidate, whom I did vote for, did not seem to be too bothered by obtaining it either as states like Ohio and Virginia are much more important to both parties. Mr. President, I am a competitive person, and I know you are too as it would be hard to reach the position you are in if you did not strive for the W. So, I would like to congratulate you on winning one of our Nation's most important elections. I know that you must be proud. I would be too. I hope also that with that pride comes a great sense of purpose and responsibility to serve our entire country to the best of your abilities. Every single person. Rich or poor. Black or White. Employed or Unemployed. Elated with your victory or devastated by their own vote's defeat.

I do not blame all of our country's problems and issues on your four-year term that is quickly coming to an end. I do not however agree with all of your policies that you have put in place. What I ask of you for these next for years is that you deeply think about the actions and policy that your administration will take. I too pray every day that our Nation will be filled with Hope and Change. While I know the truth that this ultimately cannot be fulfilled by any leader and only in a Savior, I still pray that as a Nation we will work to help those in need while being responsible for the blessings our Nation has received. I truly hope that your plans and ideas will bring about good, even though I disagree with them. I hope as a 26 year old who will start a family in the future that my children and grandchildren do not inherit a broken and broke Nation from the policies we are implementing today.

You talked over the time of the campaigns about keeping your promises. If I was really talking to you, seeing that you will never read this, I would ask you to make a promise to me. That promise would be that you would respect me being a person that thinks differently than you. As I promise to respect you. In the words of my Dad, you do not have to like me and I do not have to like you, but we do have to respect one another. I hope that you respect the ideas of the "other side" and when ideas are given each one is given proper consideration. I am sick of every single person in Washington who has the inability to listen. Again, this is not an indictment against you solely, as everyone has forgotten the old adage that we have two ears and one mouth so that we can do twice the listening.  But ultimately, you are the leader. You lead by example, and I am asking that you set a good example for our country in working with all people because when all ideas are considered typically the best solution is found.

Lastly, I would ask that you work everyday to make our Nation less in debt and more efficient. I would ask that you protect those serving our country abroad. I would ask that you do not lie to the American people when things might not look so good on your end. I ask that you take responsibility of the office that you hold and work your absolute hardest to make our country better tomorrow than it is today. I ask that you set an example to our children of what a good leader looks like. Please do your job.


A citizen whose voice wants to be heard.

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