Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally Friday

Y'all. It has been a week. It seems like last weekend was 400 years ago. I am ready for some rest and maybe some baking. But definitely no plans that require real pants. Only yoga pants or sweats.

Bubba asked me if I wanted to go on a date tonight, and I replied yes if by date you mean take out and pajamas and not talking to people. Clearly I am a big ball of fun. This was us last night if that gives you any indication of the toll this week has taken on my life.

We all look a little worn out. And yes that is a My Little Pony blanket. We have them for the nieces but darn it if they aren't the softest and most comfortable blankets. I am excited that this Friday comes with a MONDAY OFF!!! I have discovered that days off are the adult Christmas.

Maybe this weekend I can hit up Mistletoe Marketplace and find some Christmas cheer. Really, I would like Thanksgiving cheer first. I am a serious follower of no Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Although I am sorta feeling like this week we could all use a little extra cheer. In any form. Just not in decorated stores for Christmas. Cause nothing makes me buy less than Santa in October. Sheesh.

In the spirit of the Thankful month, I have decided to list the things this week that have caused thankfulness in my heart:

1) Diet Cokes on the rocks in the morning. It is a simple joy in life, but without it I am a witch.

2) A cousin/best friend that can always make me laugh and share a bad mood with me as well.

3) Best friends that you can ask/talk about anything.

4) Really good dinners with Bubba. We like to eat.

5) Netflix. It really does bring so much fun into my life. 

6) Funny puppies that snuggle with me.

7) Nighttime baths. Every night without fail.

Hope you have a great, great weekend!!

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