Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend we flew (drove really fast) over to Monroe for some Potts Family Thanksgiving celebrations. You know sandwiches and football watching. We went out to my most favorite restaurant Friday night. Waterfront Grill. Should you ever be in the luxury vacation destination that is Monroe, LA, you must go. Talk about yummy.

Saturday morning, we ate a little breakfast and played with the crazy dogs. Then Mama and I headed to shop, and Bubba and Daddy shot things. You know we like to keep things gender appropriate. (Although upon my arrival I shot too. Let's say that I won.) ANYWAY. We watched the heart-stopping LSU game. The Tigers played Ole Miss, and they tried really hard to lose. But a Tiger Victory was had and a good mood by all was shared.

Sunday, we were supposed to work the nursery at church, but both of us weren't feeling our best so we stayed home. Later that afternoon we did a little Christmas decorating. I am usually against the decorating before Thanksgiving, but everyone's lives could use a bit more cheer these days.  

This week is only a three-day work week and to say I am excited is a terribly huge understatement. My excitement level is reaching a loser-ish level. What can a girl do? I am always excited. It is sorta my MO.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Here are my top things I am thankful for this week:

1) Safety on the road. I know this is crazy, but my Dad totaled his car. My friend Sara totaled hers. Will got in a wreck. And Bubba and I had to stop for 2 wrecks this past week. Truly, I am so glad none of these dear people were hurt.

2) A job that gives time off for the Holidays. 

3) My in-laws. I love them, and always have the best time with them. I am so blessed to have been welcomed into such a loving and fun family.

4) Colored Christmas lights. 

5) Pecans. A wonderful snack that thankfully comes in abundance with my family.

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