Monday, November 5, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend!

Our weekend FLEW by. I cannot believe that it is over, and technically we even had an extra hour of it because of that whole fall back situation. Friday night, I went to eat with some of the girl's to celebrate Sara's upcoming birthday. We had a blast sitting and chatting. It was low key and a great time just visiting with our best friends. Sadly. I failed at taking one single picture! Shame on me. 

Saturday, we spent the day with family celebrating Bubba's little brother's birthday. I say little. Josh is 23. Not exactly little. It was the best day. The weather was fabulous and we played outside all day. Gunnar got to come because Jethro happened to make a visit on Saturday morning. As in he broke the fence to come and play with our dogs. Imagine our surprise to find three dogs in the backyard. One being the size of a Yeti. We are going to have to start organized play dates. Obviously, both parties will continued the unauthorized ones.

Big, but very sweet dog.

We played hard on Saturday. And cheered even harder for our Tigers. Sadly, in a heartbreaking fashion LSU lost to Bama, but I do have to say I am very proud of the way they played which has helped with the recovery. I only wore sackcloth and ashes for 24 hours versus 24 days. Improvement.

Love them. 

Converting them early. She will chant Geaux Tigers, not Hotty Toddy :)
Sunday, we had church (where I worked nursery), and I helped host a shower. The baby shower was so much fun. It also turned out so so cute. I didn't take any pictures. which is truly a shame. I failed with that this weekend. I did make the diaper cake, and it turned out way cute. 

I did end up adding a flower to the top which made it look more finished.
This week will hopefully be low-key; however with the election on Tuesday, I am not thinking that is the case. Oh. Me.

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