Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Talk about a much needed weekend! This 3 day weekend was some kind of good. Friday night we were both exhausted. The exhaustion lead to some take-out for dinner and possibly some Mario playing. The latter was good for the soul. 

(I know. We are WILD.)

Saturday, we had a really fun day. In the morning/early afternoon, we walked around some shops in Canton. Just checking out some things. The weather was truly amazing. Perfect fall day. 

Then, we headed to the lot and hung out with Rebecca and Will and the Girls. It was so much fun and quite relaxing to play in the woods. Bubba helped with the play house. We enjoyed catching up. Gunnar sure did enjoy himself as well.

Saturday night is when things got interesting. My life is always strange, and the following events only solidified that fact. We were headed to go watch the LSU/State game with friends when we witnessed a deer/car collision. We stopped to help the driver and make sure everyone was okay. The driver was a 16 year old kid and was really shaken up by the whole ordeal. I tried to lighten the mood and tell him that since it was opening weekend, he just beat all his friends to the first deer kill. Bubba took care of the deer (even though he wanted to be redneck and keep it).  Then things got interesting. The kid had a little damage, but nothing that duct tape wouldn't fix. As Bubba was explaining what to do, the kid asked if we would follow him up the road to his friends house and help him. We of course did not mind this so we followed. Well, then it turned out that we totally busted up in to a full fledge high school party. I got asked what high school I attended. I told them OCS... 10 years ago. I felt quite old. They were all very kind (possibly the booze talking), and we got things patched up. Then we were on our way to the game watching.

An aside to the above very long story above. The young man was in a "Hotty Toddy" T-shirt. Basically it is just like the story of the good samaritan... LSU fan stops. While others pass by. I think we will tell the re-write in the church nursery on Sunday. :)

The game was so fun to watch with everyone. LSU won. We even threw a passing touchdown. Amazing. You can score in other ways besides field goals and rushing TDs.

Friends Divided.

This sweater is SO amazing.


On Sunday, we hung around the house and did laundry. Then, we went and took CHRISTMAS CARD pictures!! I am so excited. We included our dogs. Don't even judge. I am very excited about these family pictures. Here is a sneak peak of the outfits from the car on the way there. I look like a crazed poodle. Simply ignore that.

Pictures wore these two out.

Today, we had a bonus day off. I cannot explain the joy I woke up with this morning! We ate lunch with Lesley, and then headed to go get Christmas decorations. We got a ton of cute stuff! Hobby Lobby has all Christmas 50% off. Total Win. 

This week is going to be great. Thursday is Friendsgiving! And only a 4-day work week. I am feeling the Holiday cheer already. :)

X0XO ~


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