Sunday, July 15, 2012

Channeling Martha Stewart

Well this afternoon sure has been fun.  I did that thing where I say... "this will only take five minutes..." then, hours later we are still working on a project.  But I am not sad I did this today.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you think if I have to look at something for one more minute I will scream? Well I have. And it involved curtains and dining room chairs.  First, I should mention that we finally got our new couch!! And I am obsessed and love it.  Here she is in all her glory!

Um. Love.
Now. Please look to the right of the couch. Your right, its left.  and notice the curtain... The one inch too short. 7th grade high-water pants. Channeling Steve Urkel curtains.  They HAD to go.  But I am cheap and I figure that with all that pinterest reading I should put some to use. So, I made curtain skirts.  And I have to say it was really easy (because I used no sew bonding) and they are remarkably sturdy.  Here is an after shot.

Much better.  We raised the curtain rod about a foot and it makes the window look so much better.  And the fabric adds a little fun color. Next, we recovered our dining room chairs that are in the big room.  Bubba took off the old, awful fabric, and I whipped out the staple gun for some aggression therapy... I mean re-upholstering.  They look swell now. Nothing fancy, just not stained and creepy anymore.

I think that these projects have done me in for the day. Nap time? I believe so.  But I now am much happier. Time to park it on the new red couch.

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