Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Fri!!

A Fri. Love you girl and all you mean to our friend group! So glad you are now 26 like the rest of us :)! You are an incredible friend and I (and everyone else) is so glad you were born! I love a good countdown, so here are my top ten favorite things about you.

10. You rock a jr. high nickname that has stuck. (Even though you try and be Amanda...Seriously, who is that Fri?)

9. You read every night without fail and soak up your books.

8. You are kind in your soul and love people.  A great example is that you allow my niece to call you French Fri, and make her roll laughing calling her Hot Dog.

7. You are disciplined in a manner that I can only dream about being.

6. You are a fabulous teacher that cares deeply about her students.

5. You love the Ellen show as much as I do.

4. You have a great bed.  I used to take naps on it while I was in Law School and never told you. :)

3. You make me laugh and others laugh too.

2. You get crazy after 8 pm, but you stay up anyway and make us all life as the night goes on and you end in hilarious tears.

1. You are one of the best friends a girl could ask for, and we are all so thankful the Lord put you with all of us! :)

We went to eat at Cock of the Walk tonight.

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