Friday, October 26, 2012

Costume Love

I love a costume and a theme. I like to think I have an active imagination, and not simply a creeper. Growing up I was typically a cat or a hobo for Halloween, which I know realize is code for oops its the day of Halloween and you don't have a costume. I do not blame Sheryl for this. It was tough in the BPE days, i.e. Before Pinterest Era. While I can and will never be able to compete with these people (not random internet finds, but kinfolk if you will)...

Bun in the oven and the Baker
I do look forward to some GREAT holiday fun dressing up! And yes, Christmas is obviously a dress up time as well. Maybe I can get Bubba to dress up as a Pilgrim with me for Thanksgiving. Then we could have the trifecta of holiday wear. A hat-trick for you soccer fans. Behold the costumes of holiday past! 

80's work-out girl

This is a personal fave. Homemade Care Bears. He sure does love me.

Tacky Christmas. Makes me so happy!

The Grinch and his dog Max (or May since I'm a girl).
I suppose since Halloween is next week I need to get on that costume! What ever will we be? 

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