Monday, October 29, 2012

The Best Days of Our Life

If you know me, I am sorta a life enthusiast. As in I love getting excited. I absolutely HATE surprises, because my most favorite activity is living in a state of excitement. I love the build up. I also don't have to be excited about anything particularly huge. I may suffer from some sort of disorder because I have been known to be equally excited about a trip to Chick-Fil-A and a trip to the beach. I only think that this makes me well-rounded not weird. I may be wrong.

Well, this past weekend and this upcoming week is sure to be one continuous state of excitement. Friday we had a fun date that was filled with much needed fellowship. I simply love all my friends, but this one is a sure winner. Saturday, we had such a fun and relaxing day at home. Actually, I had that day and Bubba took a test for his class for 4 hours. At one point, I felt guilty for laying in bed and watching football, so I deep cleaned the bathroom and bedroom. Then, I resumed my horizontal position with the dogs snoozing too. Rough life.

Gunnar wanted to turn off the Ole Miss game. He is a Tiger fan.
The best part of Saturday came that afternoon/night. We went to an incredibly sweet wedding of some family friends. I can honestly say that they looked so happy and so in love. It was one of the sweetest weddings I have been too in a while. The groom's sisters (our friend) made me tear up a little. They are definitely a kind and good family. We are always blessed by them. After the wedding, some friends of ours (Corey and Marie) came over to our house for an on the spot football party. We watched the State/Bama game. Ryan came over and joined us too. In about 15 minutes, we had a spread. Complete with pork roast mini sandwiches. I promise you that football and food are in my DNA. At any moment, I feel a girl must be ready for some team spirit and that involves food. Look it up. I bet Southern Living agrees. 

Yum. State may have lost, but we had a blast.

Sunday, we had a blessed day with family. We went to church with Bubba's sister's family. It was a great service and then we had good family fellowship after. We even ate dinner together too. I can't complain about that kind of day! The girls were as cute and sweet as ever. We had fun getting to see their clubhouse at the lot. It was super cool. My favorite moments always come from talking to these girls. A had some great things to say, and we are so proud of the little smarty she is becoming. She wrote all our names and even spelled out Bubba mostly by her self. Smart cookie. Here is a conversation between L and me:

L: You can come to our clubhouse and be in our club. But, you need to ask your mama and daddy first.
Me: Well, I will be sure to ask them.
L: Good, you gotta ask your daddy.

Haha. I guess I should be sure to ask Jim. We are excited about this week and especially Halloween! Let's just hope my excitement stays at a healthy minimum. Although, with this weather, that may be too much to ask. Fall has arrived.

Boots. Crunchy Leaves. YES!

Merry Football. Happy Halloween. Fall Lovin' Friends!

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