Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up--Columbus Day Edition

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In honor of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, we went on a girls trip to view that ocean blue! Or, the ocean green as it was the Gulf and the Emerald Coast. Rebecca, Mrs. Sue, the girls, and I all loaded up and headed out for eating, shopping, and playing! 

I love that this is how excited she gets watching a movie.
The drive down was perfect, and we even made record time. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sunset to greet us!

Excited for some seafood!

Friday night we ate at the Crab Trap, and it was divine. We rolled ourselves to the condo for a little playing and dancing. Then headed to bed to get our beauty rest before hitting the beach the next morning. Sadly, my beauty rest did not bring me a six pack. Darn... maybe next time. We did write a sweet note to our favorite Bubba. He was in our hearts.

Saturday, we headed down to the beach to take in the beautiful 88 degrees and sun! The water was perfect. And the warm sand was calling our names.

I mean. No. Words.

This sweet girl was such a happy trooper all weekend!

Sand Angel. The Snow Angel of the South.

Sweet freckles.
After some beach time, we headed to the outlet mall to do some damage. And damage was done. Columbus day sales were our friends. I got several cute fall shirts that I desperately needed for work and well life. Aside from a terrible LSU defeat... It was a great day! We finished off the night with a yummy GF burger from Cheeseburger in Paradise.

A quick sidenote. While I was living it up on the beach, Bubba and his buddy were building a little play house for his son.  These pictures they sent cracked me up. So, I must add for posterity.

On Sunday, we went on a sweet walk to collect shells. The girls and I found butterfly shells and a mermaid tail. I am positive that these were the scientific names. We shopped a little more. Ate at Harbor Docks, and then came back to go crab hunting.  Rebecca and I got way in to it and may have caught nine crabs. We could have captured a tenth, but we showed mercy to the little guy. 

Monday, we loaded up and headed home. This weekend was such a blessing and a much needed fun break. I am truly blessed with the best in-laws ever. And if you think you have better, I would be happy to tell you that you are wrong :). 

This week is already off with a bang, and I have hit the ground running. I say we end on a peaceful image. 

P.S. Our good friend Will lost his grandpa this weekend. Please take a minute remember his family in your prayers. We love Will and Whit, and they are definitely in our thoughts this week.

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