Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, this past weekend was so much fun! We welcomed sweet, rollie pollie Gunnar into the family. His entrance into the family was quite funny so I figured I needed to record it for posterity.

Bubba told me that "this was the most impulsive thing I have ever done." Which made me die laughing, and realize that the Lord put me with him to make him a quick mover (or just slightly faster than turtle speed). You see, we have been discussing getting a second dog for at least 6 months...Hardly an impulsive gum purchase at the Kroger. However, little Gunnar was not a thought on Wednesday or even Friday morning, and by 8:30 AM Saturday Gert had a little brother. (In the words of my sister in law, good things babies take 9 months).

We had been play looking at dogs on Friday, when I came across a breeder that had Miniature Australian Shepherds and Corgis. (Gertie is a Corgi). This made me laugh and so I investigated slightly more. Aussies grow to be a good size and had such great traits I decided that the boy puppy she had left was destined to be ours. The breeder was about 2 hours away so I figured that is not bad at all. I called her and she said she was actually going to be in our town the next day for a rodeo. Clearly that is a sign. So I basically told Bubba he had no choice and that puppy was ours :).

He agreed and the rest is history! Good thing that Gert and Gun get along swimmingly. Although, Gertie is still trying to love hard sometimes. She has 2 speeds 0 or 100 (much, much like her mama).

Already play buds

He is such a sweetie. I cannot wait to see the escapades they get in to together. Hopefully, they will make me laugh and not cry when I see things like shredded paper everywhere.

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