Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In My Head...

At times, people in my life may have referred to me as stubborn as a mule strong-willed. Well, today I upped the ante, and I went head to head with Mississippi Fall. Let's safely say that even though I want to wear a scarf and boots and tights just because it is October does not mean that I can ignore a high of 87. Boo. Hiss. So, I am hot and sweating like a sinner in church. Fail.

Now on to more pleasant things in my head and some weekend recap.This weekend, we celebrated our best friend's one year old. He and Andy are buds. Happy Birthday Bud!!

Even though today is hot as blazes, we have had some reprieve from the heat which subsequently inspired holiday decor and cooking.  Erin came over and we made some SINFUL treats. I don't even know how to describe them except to say that anyone prone to diabetes should not be in a 5 mile vicinity. One portion of the recipe actually called for brown sugar, regular sugar, and "light" corn syrup. The "light" part totally made a difference...

I mean. Lord. Yum. Heaven help us.

Four pumpkins size appropriate for Bubba, Me, Gert, and Gun.
Saturday night, we celebrated a big friend's birthday, as in over the age of 6. It was a lot of fun to chill and hangout with all of my friends. Those times are always fun. Always too short. And always too infrequent. It's almost like we all have jobs now... oh wait. While we were there, Sara's baby (now not so little) loved Bubba's shoes. This picture is just too sweet.

This post has been sufficiently random. The main take away is that I want Fall to HURRY UP!!! I mean really is it so hard to dip to a cool 70?!?!? I don't have high expectations. Below 80 is scarf weather here. At least I know the cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. See if you can find her...

Happy Fall...or Summer in October. Whatever. Megan Out.

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