Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 months

Well, it's been four months since my favorite day. I started doing these monthly posts, and well, now I can't abandon it. I have committed. This month I think an update would be fun so that when I am old and grey (or 29 and grey as it is looking like that will happen), I can remember this time in life.

This month has been a lot of fun. We started out the month in Chicago with my family, and that was a great trip! I started as an adjunct for app ad at the law school. That has been going well. Papers take longer to read than I remember. Ha! Bubba has been taking a class to get his education requirement needed to sit for the CFP exam. He has been working really hard on the online lectures. I am so over school, I don't know how he does it.

Now for some fun things, this week I have two best friends coming in town, so I know that some great girl time will be had. Bubba and I are keeping the girls for some Uncle/Aunt and Niece bonding. I think a blanket fort will be made. I am so excited for Fall!! It is almost here! The weather this week has been amazing. It gives me hope that boots and cold weather is in the future.  And Bubba has a guys trip to see Chipper. This is monumental for the boys.

We have had a great month. We are loving life and each other and most of the time our crazy dog. Here is a strange story about her. She has decided this month to be a fierce protector of the house. This mostly includes barking at the dogs on TV and growling at herself in a mirror and/or window...Fierce I tell you.

I can't believe it has been 4 months. But time sure does fly when you are having fun! :)

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