Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Sometimes, you just need a quiet weekend at home to do uneventful things like laundry. This weekend was just that. We took it easy and just had a really great, calm weekend.

Friday, we ate dinner with friends at the house. We barbequed chicken and just hung out. Nights like this make me so thankful for the friends the Lord has blessed us with. Sometimes, even though I love doing things, I like to just be at home. It is great to have friends that are close enough to eat in workout shorts with and laugh and have fun.

Saturday, I literally did not get out of PJ's until the LSU game at 6 pm. Then, I changed into a gameday tshirt. Can't watch the Tigers in any old shirt :). Saturday football makes my heart happy. I filled the day with laundry and every SEC game that was on tv. I swear that football on TV makes me more productive. Back in the days of law school, I would watch football on Saturdays and read for my entire week. It is my happy day. Call me strange. LSU won!! 41-3. Life was good.

Bad picture. Family time cheering on the Tigers!
Sunday, oh how the Lord blessed us. We woke up, and even a pessimist would believe that Fall is a fact and not fiction. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning and a crisp 57 degrees. This is roughly 6 million degrees cooler than the inferno that we usually live in. It called for a special treat. Breakfast on the back porch before church.

The Gert playing in the dew.
After church, we went to lunch with friends. Then went to see the girls new house which I loved! It already was looking like a good home. The rest of the day was spent wandering around window shopping, watching movies, and hanging out. Life is good. Here is to a great week!

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