Thursday, September 27, 2012

Because What is Better than a List

So, it is Thursday, and back when I was young and impressionable Thursday was an awesome day like pre-weekend bonus night of fun because I only had one class on Friday and Whitney and I never made it anyway... That was first aid and CPR. I cannot assist in an emergency. I failed to attend 30% of the class.

Now, Thursday is a long day that pretends to almost be the weekend, but isn't. Today, I woke up thinking it was Friday and well that is just a recipe for failure. Thinking you can wear jeans only to discover you need to put on your dress pants that cut in your midsection is too much to emotionally handle before 7 am. Fact.

I believe now is the time to document some random thoughts.

  • I have mentioned this previously, but I am totally obsessed with Friday Night Lights. Thank you Netflix and your ability to hook me on shows.
  • This weekend I plan to watch the entire Season 4 of Parenthood. My Olympic sport could be marathon TV watching. My daddy would tell you I have been training my whole life. He is right. I would watch 2 hours of 90201 at 10pm every night at the age of 9. So many things wrong with this.
  • I want new jeans. I think I want to invest in a legitimate good pair. I have one pair that I like to wear, and we will not discuss how many or few times I wash them. Keep it classy.
  • I cannot wait to go to the beach in October. It is sustaining my excitement in the too soon to be excited about the Holidays stage we are in. 
  • It is almost October. I need the weather to cool to a nice 70 even. I want to wear my boots. Is that too much to ask? It is time. Boots are mocking me in the closet.
  • Today, the new JK Rowling book came out. I would like to read it. Then I will have read 9 books in life. The 7 HP and To Kill a Mockingbird. All have been read multiple times. 
  • This week was National Siblings Day. I have a sibling. He is alright. I like him I suppose. All lies he is great and definitely set the bar low as an older sib so I can out shine him... I kid again. He is cooler than me. It is a fact. And has the cutest baby. So I like him more. 

Let's pray we make it to the weekend.

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