Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Whitney!!

Whitney greeted her 27th year on the 2nd, but due to some scheduling conflicts and Labor Day we went out to celebrate her tonight. The way I see it is everyone should have a birthday week, and if you are really talented a birthday month.

Meet Whit:

In true nostalgic fashion, I need to write a piece about this girl. Whitney and I have been friends for a LONG time. I believe a top 10 list is in order.

10. You are a master at all things hair. Whit did my hair for my wedding and first job interview. I am forever indebted for good pictures and my pay check. (Clearly, it was hair for the win).

9. You have a really fantastic witty sense of humor. No one on earth can tell a better story than Whit. You will be laughing in no time.

8. You are part mouse. After all, cheese is your favorite food.

7. You have a very large and caring heart. You give wise counsel and are never afraid to tell it like it is.

6. You sung Fancy at the fish fry and are a cowgirl at heart (these are lies but we love to say them). Evidence was Whit's birthday cake 2 years ago.  See picture below. Yes that is a portrait in frosting.

5. We shared a room for the 3 years that I was in law school. Yes an actual room. Like sisters ages 7 and 9.  You were supposed to be there for a semester and lasted 3.5 years. I would not trade one second of the 2 car garage with industrial carpet and 3 tier bathroom that was the temperature outdoors.

4. You have a relationship with the Lord that is solid and encouraging. At any moment, I can call (well she is bad at using the phone) you and you will be there. You are loyal.

3. Your family is one of my favorites. When your dad had that bad spell 2 years ago in January. I needed to be in Hattiesburg and not class so I told my teachers that "my cousin's dad had a heart attack." That shows I am bad at lying because I believe that would be my uncle. Anyways... You and your family love fiercely and I love that about y'all.

2. You have a strange relationship with animals. I would never place you in the category of animal lover. So, it seems natural that now in your life you have 2 cats and are semi "the cat lady."

1. You are the best friend we could ever ask for.


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