Monday, September 24, 2012

Friends, Family, and Fun Times!

Wow! What a weekend! I am sad that it is Monday, which of course starts the weekly countdown to Friday.  This past Friday I had a much needed Girls' Night with Sara, Susan, A Fri, Whit, Lesley, and Emily, who was in town visiting. I failed to take a picture and that was my bad.  We went to Babalu and had a great time yelling at each other. I love the food, but it is always so loud so in order to get in good conversation you have to use your outdoor voice. It was so much fun though to hangout and visit. I am really glad that Emily came up for a visit and cannot wait to go down to BR to visit her.

Saturday morning involved some chores and some serious needed cleaning. I swear that the amount of laundry that we produce in a week is absurd. I also began watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. It is amazing. I know that I am about 3-4 years behind the trend of loving this show but it is fantastic. I am already addicted and need to know what ever will happen to the Dillon Panthers.  Saturday afternoon, we picked up the girls and headed to the MS Museum of Natural Science. We met Sara and Baby Walker, and we all had a blast.

LOVE this pose!

The girls spent the night, and we ate pizza and had a movie night in a blanket fort made by the two uncles. I think it was more enjoyment for them than the girls! This next picture about melts my heart. Bubba and his girl have a special bond you know being middle children and all. So sweet...

We took the girls home on Sunday and went to church. It was a great Sunday. After running some errands, we chilled at home. Ate Mexican stack ups and took Gert for a walk. And had a good impromptu visit from our friend Ryan.

Life is good. :)


  1. I love being impromptu....and your blog