Friday, June 15, 2012

Circus Fun with the Trio!

On Thursday night, Bubba and I had so much fun taking our nieces to the Circus with Bubba's mama!  It was a blast!  I am not sure who was more or the almost 6, 3 and 1/2, and 1 year old.  I felt like I was reliving my childhood.  And shockingly, I still thought it would be so much fun to be a (humane) Elephant Trainer.  I met a circus elephant when I was little named Shirley, and I have been fascinated ever since.  They are just so adorable.  Well, The girls had a blast and were enamored with the sights, sounds, and sugar.  I think that between the three of us (we avoided a sugar high for the baby) we did our best to catch diabetes.

We are excited!

The trio.

The girls are such a huge part of our lives. (In fact, Bubba earned his nickname from these lovely ladies). We are so blessed to live so close to family. We try and get together all the time. The girls always make us laugh and just generally in a better mood. Life through the eyes of kid is always a little brighter. I laughed and laughed at the things they said about the circus. If their plans work out, we will have an acrobat and a dancer in the family. I wouldn't be sad at all about it!

Dancing Queen

Nana had fun too!

Best night! As you can se by the pictures :)

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