Thursday, June 7, 2012

H2: The Rest of the Story

In my previous post we discussed days 1-3.  Days 4-6 now?  I think so!

Day 4:

Today was probably one of the best days we have ever had.  We decided to do a charter boat tour of the Napali Coast (which can only be accessed by water or air or long long hike in).  It was absolutely incredible.  The tour usually has about 50 people.  But, just with the luck of the draw we happened to be on a tour with only 10 other people on it.  We got to see the most beautiful views and see some really neat marine life.  We saw wild dolphins a whole large school that just swam along with our boat.  I was in heaven and shouting like a child.  We snorkeled off the reef and swam with sea turtles.  One came about 4 inches from our bodies. I felt like I was in Finding Nemo, and he would take me for a ride.  Now, on to the photographic evidence:

Have you ever seen such clear water?!

I declare. I am in heaven.

This isn't even edited or photoshopped cause like I know how to do that.

Day 5:

After all of our adventures, we took today easy.  We ate by the pool and didn't move from our chairs all day except for a refreshing dip in the pool.  Now, for a side story that will be relevant for our nighttime event.  My "light" beach read was a book that told all about Area 51, but more the military side of the story.  Okay. I may have picked that read thinking it would tell me about aliens.  Well, any time that we (America that is) did a secret mission, it would be under the cover story of "weather research."  Now, pause this story. I promise that this insignificant detail is important to a not quite amazing story that I have now built up too much.  Flair for the dramatic? I think so.  

Since this would be our last night on the island because we were flying out on the red-eye, we decided it would be perfect to catch a luau.  It was incredible!  The dancers were amazing, and the music and singing was live.  This production was far from the luau in The Brady Bunch.

Okay, play on the story about the book.  Kauai has a military base on it.  We met two guys who did research there for a private company.  Well, they explained something about lasers and calibrations of satellites etc.  When I asked what these calculations were for, they replied "weather research!"  Since I am now an expert on secret military talk, I instantly got over excited, convinced myself that they were developing super secret things, and then proceeded to thank them for doing weather research "for America."  Bubba wanted to die.  I humiliated him. Truthfully, I humiliated myself.  But I love a good mystery!

Day 6:

This was our last day on the island.  We ate good and just walked around some little shops.  Took it easy and just mourned the impending loss of the beautiful mountains and ocean.  I haven't expanded much on the food, but it was glorious!  I was in heaven because fish tacos were plentiful, and Bubba was in heaven for the mass amounts of rice.  Seriously, rice is served at every meal.  For breakfast, one may have rice or hash browns.  I found this odd.  Bubba thinks this is how our family should serve breakfast now. 

Happy kids.  Married 1 Week!

Well, the rest is history.  We flew home, and then ran to get Gert!  We missed her.  Once, I even asked Bubba if we could write her a song.  He simply shook his head in shame.  So did she when I sang it to her.

Oh. Mama. You so crazy.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back.  Instead, I will finish an episode of Deadliest Catch.



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