Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hulu, Hiking, and Honeymooning

We honeymooned (odd verb) in Kauai, Hawaii.  Let me just say... I. Am. A. Fan.  Our trip was absolutely fantastic and so much fun.  When people ask if we had a good time, I sorta cock my head to the side and think well duh?!  It is the only vacation I have ever been in where I (and Anderson too) got to do absolutely anything we wanted at any time.  It was so nice after planning so much about the wedding to have a week with no plans.  I figured that we would arrive at our resort and eat, drink, and lounge, BUT boy was I wrong! We were both so excited the first day to play and explore, and that never let up. The island was ah-mazing! Here is a quick daily recap.  You know so when I am old and blonde (I am thinking that when I dye my hair to cover the grey its my time in life to fulfill my inner desire for blonde hair) I can remember one of the best weeks of our lives.

Day 1 (I am skipping the travel part):

We took this day at a slow pace.  HA! That meant up at 6. I blame it on the jet lag or pure excitement because this was what we woke up to:

We set out to explore the island a bit in our ride for the week, a big red Jeep.  It did not disappoint.  We saw a HUGE waterfall, snorkeled off the beach in Poipu, relaxed by the pool back at the resort, and Anderson claimed to have eaten the best three meals of his life because each meal included rice. His own heaven.


Day 2:

This is the day in which I became a hiker.  You see, I would say I am in moderate to bad shape.  My last workout was in the 11th grade.  Don't you judge me.  I read in our guide book that this hike we chose was "easy to moderate."  I am here to tell those in guidebook world that they are "liars to blasphemers."  I am a flat lander. I thrive below sea level in humidity so thick you need to chew the air. We trucked it on a 4.5 to 5 mile hike in Waimea Canyon.  It was breath-taking.  I loved every minute that I didn't feel the sensation of possibly throwing up. We had an absolute blast. 

I love this picture.

This is for my Mama. She is scolding me as she reads.

Sexy and we know it.

Day 3: 

This is the day we hiked round 2.  My glutes felt it!  We also sat on a lovely beach that had no one around under a coconut tree.  Ocean to our left and mountains to our right.  I fell asleep for 45 minutes and had no clue.  I am pretty sure the Lord couldn't have hit perfection any more than that place.

This is about 1500 feet above the water. It was so clear you can see the coral

I think that I will conclude here and do part 2... because this is a very long post.  One not for the weak at heart reader :)



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