Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gettin' Hitched

I have had several significant events in my 26 years of life, but I would have to say getting married to my buddy took the cake (gluten free of course) as best event to date.  I know that everyone in life believes they had the perfect wedding, and I really do hope everyone gets a chance to have their perfect wedding. Now, I am a semi-pro at weddings.  If being a bridesmaid had minor leagues, I would DEFINITELY be playing triple A ball.  My wedding was my 12th wedding to personally be in.  Again, I state semi-professional.  I have loved every wedding I have gotten to be a part of and all for very different reasons.  And each wedding I was in I would tuck away a piece of it in my mind.

My friend Sara had a destination style wedding.  Sold me on that idea.  Alee had a beautiful outdoor affair. Now, that is totally my style.  My sister-in-law and brother had so many unique and special touches... Can't be outdone and forget those.  I kid.  Whitney and my cousin and MOH Ashley had weddings filled with very special people, and I loved the intimate feel that you could see on each person's face.  Emily, best friend from home and life, had a wedding that every detail was thought about and executed perfectly.  I loved the experience of it.

With all of these weddings before me, not to mention the million I have gone to by being Southern and in my twenties where getting married is a sport, it was intimidating to decide what I wanted (for about 3 minutes, I tend not to linger on decision-making). We picked to get married at my favorite place on earth... the beach.  When given the choice to pick a vacation spot I will choose the beach every time. Without question. I don't even need a fancy beach.  In fact, given the Bahamas or the Redneck Riviera, I probably would choose the Emerald Coast of Florida every time. 

Needless to say, our wedding was perfect.  Not in the sense that everything went according to plan.  In fact, I managed to be wrong about the time of the rehearsal by seven whole hours.  I mean, really, who does that? But, it was filled with everything I loved.  Bubba. Family. Friends. Food. Laughter. Dancing. Beyonce (present in spirit and song). And plenty of great memories were made.  Honestly, I will never wish to change a thing.  In fact, I would get married yearly because it was so fun.  Except that would kill my dad.  I'd maybe even marry Bubba each time.

Here is a link to our wedding video.  Our friend Nathan Willis filmed it for us.  Truthfully, you cannot find a better person to capture your day.  I mean that with my entire heart.  True story. Scout's honor.  Call him.  Tell others to call him.  Do it. Like yesterday.  Here is his link: http://www.nathanwillisweddingfilms.com/

And here is our video! (On Nathan's site the quality is much better.) It really does capture the exact feel of the day.

I'll be sure to do a picture post whenever we get our pictures back.

well, since this was a wedding post, I'll end with:



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