Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer then and Summer now

First, before reading any farther, you (hypothetical reader) must not judge me.  This is my first summer, at the tender age of 26, to not officially have "summer."  You know the summer I am talking about.  Sleeping, hanging out, pool trips, trips, laying out, friendship, fun, and magical times.  Now, last summer I was studying for the bar and that was a big pile of not fun, but it still was on my terms.  Sorta.  It was like the "tween" years in life. Not full-grown yet.  

This summer, however, is a legit adult summer.  I think it is weird to me because for the first time in my life I am not thinking on a semester time line.  Because today, well, it is no different than what October will hold.  Sure, that day will have football, but it will also have work and an alarm clock buzz.  I don't hate my job, in fact, I love it.  But that doesn't make a girl forget her love of Summer.  I think that I have loved Summer for so long because of the heat and water and family fun that I am slightly mourning the loss of my childhood.

I recognize that this is an over-dramatic statement.  And, many would suggest that at 26 it is probably time to put big girl panties on and get over it.  But, summer is so magical.  I miss it. BUT, I am also not going down without a fight :).

Grown-ups still have fun. Right? Last night we had some of our best friends over and grilled out.  It was so fun!  Complete with all the summer foods required for a good time: burgers, hot dogs, corn, tomatoes, french fries, ice cream, popsicles, and cookies.  Notice we are a fan of multiple option desserts.  Nights to come together and relax and eat are therapy.  There is something about a summer night, a grill, and friends that makes you thankful for the Summer.  Even if it isn't the same care-free time it has always been.  It seems to blow in with hot air and allow a break.

Before I conclude this share-feelings session, I have to tell a gratuitous Gertie story.  Y'all. Home girl scared us.  Gertie went missing before the cook-out.  This is so strange because she was in our fenced in backyard. Well, our neighbors have a GIGANTIC, albeit nice, dog, Jethro.  They have been smelling and talking through the fence for about two weeks.  Jethro dug a little hole under the fence, and GERT decided it was mighty time for her to go and play with her friend.  THAT WAS 800 TIMES HER SIZE.  Think about the Sandlot dog. We retrieved her and all is well.  I like to think this is an example that shows we are raising a pup with self-esteem.  Look at this girl:

Thinks that she is the size of a Mastiff.

I have high hopes for this Summer.  It is shaping up to be quite nice.  On a small side note, my cousin and resident BFF Ashley is about to pop with Baby Abby.  I am so excited.  I am sending all useless Southern gifts... Monograms galore!

Here's to Summer.

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